Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random Photo Update

Kathy and I have been here in Mongolia for 6 days now. It has been quite busy for us. One good piece of news is that we were able to get an apartment that we are happy with. I will post some photos in the next few days about that. For now, I have posted some photos here of our days with our friends Gansukh and Oogii who Kathy and I stayed with for 4 days and who helped us so much in many ways including getting an apartment. Others were also a big help to us, including Soko, Munguu, Nergui, Oogii and our friends at MIU, to name just a few. 

Here are some random photos of time with Gansukh and his family, as well as walks that Kathy and I took around the area they live in. The river near their home, which continues on through the length of Ulaanbaatar, is still frozen, but is thawing very quickly. I hope you enjoy looking at photos of the beautiful nature in Mongolia. Now that we have settled into our apartment, our life in the center of the city has begun. More on that later!

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  1. Love to see both of you here. It's such a peaceful and beautiful in Mongolia. Hope to see your new place soon :o)