Thursday, December 22, 2011

On to America!!

December 20: -30F (-35C) Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

December 21: 70F (21C) Santa Ana, California, USA

Kathy and I flew to California from Mongolia on the 20th. Long flight, but good. Great to be in America. Next day we flew to Ohio and are with our two daughters Christy and Kim and Christy's husband Eric and their dear daughter Audrey. Watch for more photos in the days to come.

On December 19th Kathy's high school had their Christmas party in Ulaanbaatar. Our lovely "daughter" Amy went with. Really nice time!

Ulaanbaatar December 19: -30 degrees C / Santa Ana December 21: 21 degrees C

The Mongolian International School (high school) Christmas party

Our "daughter" Amy with Kathy

Nahee :)

Kathy, Sunny and me

Yoon Se Park and me

Kathy, Alondra and I at In-and-Out Burger in Los Angeles... welcome to California :) :)

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