Sunday, July 19, 2015

Good summer in Ulaanbaatar

Back in Ulaanbaatar! The summer is going well. It's nice to see friends and colleagues. And good to take some walks around the city. Our LEI English summer classes are going well. Smooth sailing :)

So you can see a few photos of the time Kathy and I had with our good friends Bernard and Hazel. I also attended a lovely wedding recently of my friends Uyango and Odbaatar. And you can see some of my friends, and a long walk I took south of the river Tuul on the south side of the city. Clear day :)

A little unreality haha

Bernard, Hazel and Kathy

Hazel, Kathy and Bernard at the Children's Park
A traditional music and dance preformance

A wood carving representing a girl and her horse in a special race.

The wedding of Uyango and Odbaatar

My friend Naranbaa and me

Our church cell group :)

Two friends and I went to a special performance at the city square celebrating Naadam, "The Games"

My walk along the Tuul River

Students and me at LEI
A farewell lunch for our teacher Nandia. We will miss her!


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