Friday, May 6, 2016

My spring in Ulaanbaatar

Life continuous on here in UB. I have the privilege and pleasure of teaching at MIU, being involved with Torch Church, meeting with friends and others who often look for help. The opportunities are endless. 

We are slowly preparing for our move from here to Ohio, USA. I will write more later about that. It has been a great time here. For over 5 years we have been here. So many stories can be told of friends we have made, Torch Church we have lead, and ways we have been of help to people. 

Though filled with difficulties, it is a great life.

On a walk some weeks ago.

On sale at the local store.... 

To the south of UB

Some friends I met along the tracks.

After one of our Torch Church services. 

Saturday morning study

Our church home group.

Sunday morning at Torch Church.

A walk in town.

Outside our apartment building.

Being cool at Beantree with Davaa :)

A statue of Zorigt, a well-liked man some years ago, with an interesting ad.

A walk up one of the high hills to the north of UB.

My friend who lives nearby.


MIU photo time with some students who will soon graduate.

With our friend Yeojin.

With Batnyam at Beantree.