Sunday, November 20, 2016

Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia!

With brief stays at our current "home" with Christy and family, we continue to travel to many places to see friends, family and churches and to do a few fun things along the way. We were at a Christian retreat in Alabama for a great weekend; ziplining in Georgia (wooohooo!); time with church and friends in Florida with 4 weeks and with Kathy's mom in Ft. Myers, FL; a nice break at my sister's place in North Carolina; and finally with our daughter Kim and Lenny in Virginia before heading back to Ohio. All in all it was an excellent time!

Christian brethren at the retreat in Huntsville, Alabama!

Zip lining in Georgia! (It was Kathy's idea) :) :)

A visit to Andersonville, Georgia, where the Confederate POW camp was.

The POW camp was a horrible place where thousands or Union troops died.

NASA site near Titusville, Florida where our friends Sandy and Beth live.

Sandy, Beth and family in Titusville.

Great time with Kathy's mom and our niece Alana :)

A visit with my friend David Martinez and his family.

Jim and Mary Roberts and family.

At the Mucky Duck in Captiva Island near Ft. Myers, Florida.

On one of the beautiful beaches on the west coast of Florida.

All kinds of things wash up on the shore :)

At the Everglades in south Florida.

Kathy's mom, Kathy and David Martinez and his family :)

Our visit to Virginia to see Kim and Lenny

Lenny, Kim and Kathy :)

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