Monday, February 5, 2018

Some photos from 2017

Here are some more photos from 2017. So many to choose from, since, as I mentioned before, I didn't post here in my blog for almot a year. Enjoy the photos :) 

Kathy and I had some really nice times with everyone. What a privilege to have a precious family and so many friends!!!

Kathy with Audrey in our backyard.

Really nice time in Leamington, Ontario with our dear friend Kimberly.

Time for bike riding near our home.

Little Elli :)

Elli getting into trouble? :)

A visit from our friend Jonathon.

Our daughter Christy's birthday.

With Audrey :)

... and Elli :)

Time in California with Rob and Sandy and others there.

Friends in Resurrection Life Church in California where we used to be a part of.


A bit of time in a state park with Tom.

Some past and present friends who we visited in Chicago area.

Elli :)


A hawk with it's prey in a tree in our front yard.

Time in Hocking Hills state park with our friend Kimberly

Time in Hocking Hills state park with our friend Kimberly

Elli and Audrey having fun :)

With our daughter Kim in Virginia.

Our grandkids Audrey and Elli!

In front of our home in Westerville

Welcome to our home :)

Elli's birthday

A Columbus Blue Jackets game with Tom.

A Columbus Blue Jackets game with Tom.

Kathy and me at Molly Woo's for my birthday dinner.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Christmas time 2017

Kathy and I have done many things in the past year that I haven't yet posted here. Last month we had a great time with family and friends during the Christmas season. It's always a great time for family and friends, and of course more for the meaning of it all, that we remember in a more specific way the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus into the world. The first photo is our Christmas card we sent to many people. The words are from a song written almost 300 years ago. The whole song is particularly moving, but the verse on our card helps us see a little bit clearer of the wonder and awe of our great God being pleased to send His Son to experience this life we live. He lived here perfectly, and so became the perfect sacrifice for our sins so He can lift us up to heaven now and forever. The Lord Jesus bless you all!!