Saturday, June 4, 2011

Holiday Military Exercise, a Church and Some Friends

A week ago the city showed a display of the military in Sukhbaatar Square in the center of the city. May 28th is the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers. Mongolia along with other nations shows a demonstration of their military forces. Kathy and I came upon it by accident as we were heading to some stores. I met one of the security forces, Dorjoo, as I walked around the square.

On Sunday we visited a church that our friends the Hortons attend. And on Tuesday our dear sister Ariunaa came for a visit to our home.

Take a look at the photos!

My new friend Dorjoo

Here are a few photos of the church we visited last Sunday where our friends the Hortons are attending.

Anna... :)

Sarah, Anna and the others in the group....

A not-so-pleasant view of one of the rivers that flows into the city and meets the Tuul River to the south...

Our friends Noel and JD Brown from the Univ of Oklahoma

A view of the city and the "ger" district beyond...

Some new photos from our apartment window. The leaves are appearing and growing fast. Some say that they know they don't have much time before winter sets in!!!

Our friend Ariunaa visited us for dinner on Tuesday. We have known her for about 4 years. Great to have her with us... :)

Kathy and Ariunaa

Ariunaa and me

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  1. all professionally taken! Mr. Prowoski, you are a good photographer.