Monday, September 22, 2014

Into the New Semester!

It's been almost two months since I posted on my blog! Summer is past; the temperatures are below freezing at night; it's time to get ready for winter here in Mongolia. Our semester at LEI began two weeks ago. As far as LEI is concerned, it has been a difficult summer and beginning of the semester. A new floor about us has been added. It is beginning to look great now, but it has taken a year. In our office and classrooms we have had to deal with loud construction noises on and off for a year, a poorly constructed new roof that has leaked horribly during rains and caused our office to have a tremendous amount of water, mold, ruined computers and other equipment, inefficient daily office work, and interrupted classes. We had to start our semester a week late. Now things are almost under control. If the difficulties were a normal result of construction, it could be ok. But things have been crazy because of poor planning, poor management, poor construction, careless ruining of equipment, etc etc etc that we have had to put up with. Such is life in UB!!

Here are some photos of our LEI logos and activities. The redeeming factor is the involvement we have with students eager to learn English.

Also our church has begun meeting in an art gallery. It is a super opportunity God has given us. We are all happy about it. Everything done well requires much time and effort and sometimes heartache! But we are growing as a church, and we are all happy about it.

Our Torch cell group

Kathy speaking at our church's new meeting place at the art gallery