Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beginning of the New School Year

Classes have begun again at LEI. We have had a crazy couple of weeks, but things are coming together well. But I have also had time to be with friends and take a few hikes and have friends over for meals. The summer in Mongolia has been really nice. Now it has given way to busy days at the university. Kathy and I spent some time at the teacher orientation week at MIU. You can see the photos .....

Some friends and I hiked up the hills around Zaisan. Here are Courtney and Odko and I.

Chris, Usukh, Courtne and Odko

Me with Chris, Courtney, Odko and Usukh

Odko and I

Usukh and I

Seung Eun!!

Erdene, Kathy and Usukh


Oyuna :)

Many of the people in Torch Church for the farewell party for Lana and Nomi

Playing hearts with Kathy and Ujin :)

... and Mika and me :)

Ujin, Kathy and Mika

Our visit to see Tyrannosaurus Baatar :)

... the smoke from a large fire one morning, viewed from our window ...

Nergui, Haliuna, Munguu and Kathy at Round Table Pizza

This is the lunch our LEI teachers had during the orientation week.

... during our MIU orientation ...

Kathy speaking at the MIU orientation.

... the MIU teachers for this school year ...