Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our New Apartment, and Red Day at LEI !!

Kathy and I have moved into another apartment. We are happy in it! We had been thinking about moving, because we felt we needed a bigger living room for our Bible studies and different gatherings with friends. Some of you may know it isn't easy to make the decision to move, especially because of all the work involved, the unknowns, will we get a better apartment, will we get one not so good. Well, our landlord told us he and his family wanted to move in to the apartment again. Goodbye apartment! Goodbye beautiful view of the city center!! But we felt clear that God was the one arranging things, so we set to work finding a new place, which we did in about a week. We thank the Lord for kind Mongolian people who can do the translating and help with negotiating and so on. 

Kathy is very frugal with her money... our money :) She doesn't ask for lavish things. The apartment we chose is perfect for us, only one bedroom this time, but a larger living room, which we are very happy with, and a kitchen area that is much nicer for Kathy. Every time we have moved, we are pretty quick to hang up pictures, arrange things, make the place a home for us. During our married life we lived  in 6 homes in the US and this is now our second one here. We always make a point of fixing the place up when we move in, just little fixes, making it more convenient, nicer, but low budget :) So I guess we are set for the next year or two or who knows how many years here!

After these photos are some of some friends and of our Language Education Institute at MIU. The students had a "Red Day".... just a fun day to dress in red with sunglasses. You can see the photos!

We now live next to the tall building to the left in the photo.

Here is the complex, called American Denj, meaning American Hill.

Here is Kathy at the "supermarket" :)

We live in the building in the middle of the photo, 7th floor :)

the entry into our apartmemt

There is a desk for computer and studying in the entry way. It works well.

Our living room ...

Our living room with the kitchen and eating area off to one side.

... the kitchen table where Kathy serves her delicious meals :)

... our bedroom ...

... a visit to the office of our friends Bogi and Odko ....

Odko our dear friend :)

Red Day at LEI :)

... the morning class at LEI ...

... and the afternoon class ...

Some of our LEI teachers !!!!