Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Update

Life continues busy here in Ulaanbaatar. All is well. Autumn has turned to winter, though wintertime has not been too harsh yet. Our university semester is now over after a lot of work. It seems this semester has been filled with many problems and hurdles, not only in the university, but in other areas of our lives. But we have done well, and the Lord helps us in all things. We are encouraged about so many things that have been happening here.

It is always great to spend time with friends. The students are usually great to be with and do things with; our friends around Mongolia bring us much happiness and activity; our church is doing well as we spend lots of time at the Full Cup and other places. Here are some random photos of the time here in the last two weeks or so.

Sunny, Saara and Haliuna at the MIU dorm

Unen :)

Dear kids who visited our home :)

Monday night basketball with Odko

Oko and Odko :)

Time with friends and our church at the Full Cup Coffee Shop ...

Bold, Oyuka, me and Mona

Chimgee :)

Carey, Suwdaa, Ariuka, Saara, Haliuna and me

Our dear new friend David with Kathy

David and me

Our church cell group ... Bobby, Jonathan, Grace, Kathy and Chimgee

Bogi and Chimgee

Odongo's birthday :)

Oko and Kathy

Tuvshin and Naraa

Gracie's birthday :)

Our LEI Red Day... to help us get "Reddy" for final exams :)

Me with students at a recent MIU activity...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Culture Day at LEI

Recently our Language Education Institute (LEI) had its Culture Day. It was a great time. You know that LEI has students from about 8 countries who are studying English. We like to have Culture Day early in the school year to give the students another opportunity to tell about themselves and get to know each other better. The students were very happy to wear the traditional costume of their country, as you can see in the photos. The experience for the students at LEI is super.