Monday, June 30, 2014

Visit to Kyrgyzstan 2014

Time in Kyrgyzstan!! Kathy and I were invited to go there with Dr. Kwon, the president of Mongolia International University where we work. I was very unfamiliar with the country... and it took me a few days to even pronounce the name right! And I had never heard of the capital... Bishkek! The purpose of the trip was to see about opening an MIU branch there or an LEI branch (Language Education Institute where I am the director). It was good to go, good to meet government officials, important university people, and new friends. I hope we can go back again. These photos will give you a taste of the city and country.

Mountains mixed with clouds in the eastern part of Kyrgyzstan.

... the view from where we were staying. The mountains are spectacular.

Our "team" :) Jeewon from MIU, Zara our interpreter, Dr. Kwon, Kathy and me in the city square.

Me with the traditional Kyrgyz hat.

Breakfast in our flat. Dr. Kwon is a great cook :)

... Dr. Kwon and the Dean of a university signing an MOU.

... a lunch meeting with the Kyrgyz minister of education, 3rd from right.

... with the president of a large university.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

MIU's Fashion Show

Mongolia International University held it's annual fashion show this June. MIU has various departments, one being Fashion Design. It is a popular department with the students. Of course fashion is so important to Mongolians, often stressing a blend of traditional clothing with modern international design. The focus at MIU includes modesty, something very difficult to have in this modern world of fashion. The students did an excellent job.

The fashion show was held at the nearby Sun Jin Hotel on a beautiful June afternoon.

Here are many of the fashion design staff, faculty, students and models.

Chimgee, who I have encouraged during her 4 years of study. She graduated this spring.