Saturday, September 5, 2015

Last Photos from Summer!

Summer is over!! But not before I had some busy days and great times. Kathy and I have been here in Mongolia four years now. Each year seems to be more productive than the last. We are thankful to God for all of it!!

In the last month I went on a few hikes, spent time with friends and church, and oversaw our LEI summer sessions.

Now we are in to September. Days are getting a bit cooler. I am playing basketball again on a regular basis ... so good. Church is good, seeing new people almost every week, seeing our church members growing in God.

Take a look at my photos!

Time at the Hunnu Mall

Afternoon walk along the railroad tracks :)

One of our recent hikes

Afternoon at the square

Afternoon walk 

LEI Summer English Session. Great time :)

No, Sunigel and I didn't plan to dress the same ... haha

Another hike in the beautiful countryside