Saturday, December 26, 2015

December and Our Church Christmas Party

Among other good things this month, our church had its Christmas Party last week. Great time! Our church people worked hard to make it a success. And God blessed us, which is the best! 

I also kept up with visiting with people to help them or just to have a good time. And I kept up my exercise by talking my walks and playing basketball with friends. 

And a few days ago we headed to Ohio, USA to see our family :) More photos to come.....

The Torch Church Christmas mug that I designed

The folks at the Christmas party

Our Bible study at Beantree Cafe :)

Torch Church on a Sunday morning

My "sons" Johnny and Farasoo

Sophia a "daughter" of mine :)

Cold morning walk ...

a Ukrainian Orthodox church building

Kathy and her tutors from MIU came for a dinner

Leaders at our church

Tuvshin, one of the guys I play basketball with

Some of the basketball guys

People bringing containers for water in the ger district

People bringing containers for water in the ger district

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Into Winter!

Into winter!!

Snow on the ground. 

Sometimes cold.

My days are focused on meeting friends, students, teachers, and helping our church, Things are going well. And it's always great to get out for walks, even in the cold. I wonder how long we will live in Ulaanbaatar? But at this point in time it is great to experience this amazing part of the world.

One morning a few days ago (Fahrenheit!)

My Beantree friends :)

View from our apartment window

Kathy at our apartment window

Our new Torch Church name cards

Our church on a Sunday morning

Our friends Tony and Jill ready to head outside after church

with our friend Zaya

Muugii :)

a few miles west of the city