Saturday, May 16, 2015

Good Semester

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching. The semester has been good. A month ago Kathy and I moved into our new apartment not too far from the one we used to live in. We are very happy with it. I will post some photos of our place next time. Our church is doing well. God is blessing our times together. We have gatherings of every size as we enjoy being with so many different people. Our friends Bernard and Hazel from England have been with us. We all went on a day outing last week and have had some excellent times with the church on other occasions. Take a look at the photos!

Our New Apartment

Our new apartment building behind me

View from our apartment window

View from our apartment window

View from our apartment window

View from our apartment window

The truck we used to move our stuff! :) It took 3 trips :)

A Walk at Sukhbaatar Square

Our Church Gatherings

... a gathering at MIU

... another gathering at MIU ...

Our Saturday evening Bible study

Our day outing outside Ulaanbaatar

Some of our church people

A hike up the mountains

Tae Su provided the meal!

With Bernard and Hazel outside the opera house

A Sunday with our church

The gathering of the cell groups for a time of food, fellowship and Bible study

Happy birthday to Bogi and Esther :)