Monday, August 19, 2013

Enjoying summer in Mongolia :)

Before I went to America I did some things that I never posted here. The photos show some of the beauty and interest of summer in Mongolia. Kathy left early for California to help Kim get ready for the wedding. And I made the most of my time here in Ulaanbaatar :)

A hike north of the city ....
It's always great to go with friends on a hike outside of the city. The weather was a bit rainy when we began, but everyone wanted to go, so went. Great decision!

Great friends :)

Seung Eun, Jinny, Faith, Oko and Ebuuuuu!

David and Stephen and me


Seung Eun my "daughter" :)

Attending my friend's military graduation ....
My friend Bayrt graduated from military school, so I went to the graduation and saw him and my friend Odko. Interesting to see the way things are done in Mongolia :) Congratulations to Bayrt!

My dear friend Odko

Bayrt, his buddies, and me

Bayrt's family

A couple of top brass and me

The ad for Tyranasaurus Baatar, returned to Mongolia after being stolen by a Brit

A retreat in the countryside with our church .... 
Our church spent an overnight in the countryside outside the city. Kathy and I have been so blessed getting to know the people in the church and being more and more a part of things in it. What a great group of friends!! They love the Lord Jesus and have shown much love to us.
Some of my church friends :)

... having a good time singing on Sunday morning ...

...our friends who got baptized during the retreat ...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Last photos of Korea

Here are the last photos of the trip to Korea that Kathy and I took. These are of our time in Dae Jeon, Everland, Jeju Island and Mokpo to see friends. The photos show beautiful Korea from my perspective. The thing I couldn't capture was the heat and humidity of the day :) Hot!!

I am so glad we took the trip there after our time in the USA. Now we miss our friends there!!!

Yang Sun and Nasim with me in Dae Jeon

Dae Jeon

Dae Jeon

Dae Jeon

Our friends at Everland.... :)

The Madagascar show at Everland

Much rain at Everland... but Kathy looks nice :)

... an indoor show at Everland ...

Great lunch with our good friends Jinny and Mimi in Dae Jeon

Outside Dae Jeon

Kathy and Jinny in Dae Jeon

Gilbert, James and me in Dae Jeon

Kathy and me with Mina :)

Kathy at the waterfall in Seogwipo on Jeju Island

Seogwipo on Jeju Island

Johnny and me in Seogwipo, Jeju Island

... goodbye to Jeju Island ...

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Jeju Island

Millions of cicadas on Jeju Island. Do you see the one to the left of the big guy?

Wie and me in Mokpo

... from the train back to Seoul ...