Monday, April 6, 2015

Winter is moving to spring .....

Winter is moving to spring here in Ulaanbaatar. Today I am posting a variety of photos....

We spent time with friends at their home for Tsagaan Sar - White Moon - the new year's celebration. Nice time :)

A family in their traditional clothes.

Some soldiers doing drills in their traditional uniforms.

Our university has been visiting many high schools to let them know about us. Here are photos of a typical Russian built high school. It's always good to get out and meet the students ....

Our church has started meeting at a well known coffee shop called Papa Cafe, owned by Christian people. The location has proved to be a good fit for us. We are happy there. God continues to move in our hearts and build His church. It is great to see how people's lives are changing as they find the truth in Jesus Christ.

Here are photos of several of my walks through the city. I always love to carry my camera with me and capture some views :)

A typical Shamanist marker set on a high hill.