Sunday, April 8, 2012

One year in Mongolia!!

It is hard to imagine Kathy and I have been in Mongolia for a year now. As we think about it all, we are so happy to be here. The planning we did before coming here and the early months after arriving here were filled with lots of uncertainties. But we have no regrets about our decision to come. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained"; "Better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all"!

You know, when people walk, we are off-balance every time we take a step. So each step is a step of faith, normally with calm assurance that there is no danger as our foot hits the ground, but at times as uncertain and fearful as the step of faith Indiana Jones took on the . As you and I make decisions that affect our lives, the steps we take often feel like steps into the unknown. But after taking those steps, we look back and think... that wasn't as risky as I thought it would be!!! 

So let's take some risks! Sure, let's first think through what we are doing and why we are doing it, but if all seems clear, though there be risk, let's do it!! There is something that drives a human being forward, something about adventure, about challenge, and the doing of something that will ultimately build character and maturity and confidence in us as well as be a huge blessing to those around us.

Kathy and I just signed a year lease with the owner of our apartment. We plan to stay beyond a year, but will reconsider our situation around June, 2013. Then... who knows what will be! We may stay longer... or take another big step in some new direction. But we are set for now, happy to be here, thrilled to be of help to others around us, content to be safe in the love and will of God. In our small lives, can a future step be any more daring or risky than moving to Mongolia? Hey.... we will see!!! And God knows what will be best for us, and where and when and why and what and how :)

Posted here are some recent photos of students and teachers at LEI where I work,  scenes of Ulaanbaatar, and pics of friends :)

Hae In, Chaagii, Anar, Chimgee and me in the LEI office

... with Seulgi a foreign exchange student from Korea ...

Seulgi with Kathy in Kathy's office

Dr. Kwon, president of MIU, with the Korean ambassador to Mongolia

the ambassador's car :)

Nymka, Undraa and Batuka, students at LEI

Сёма Ушаков

Ariuka and Mohammad


Sergey and me

One of the classes I teach English Speaking to

We celebrated Men's Day at MIU...

Some of the ladies at MIU were so kind and served us a meal

Natasha, one of our teachers, had a birthday

Chimgee gets ready to surprise Natasha :)

Our staff member, Maagii, in the center, on her birthday

Crystal, a student at MIU and my friend :)

Some scenes around Ulaanbaatar...

A cemetery on a hill...

Military exercises near the Ministry of Defense...

A worker shoveling coal that is sold along the streets...

And some of our friends ....

Suugii, Doogii, Soko and Nara...


Eileen, Cici, Kathy and me at a Ukrainian restaurant...

Erdene ... :)

Munguu, Erdene, Altjin and Bilgee visiting us :)