Saturday, November 24, 2012

Culture Day at LEI and Midterm Party

Our Language Education Institute continues to do well. Daily classes are very busy, with the teaching and administration that is necessary. We have had two big activities in the past month: Culture Day, where the students from each country wear the traditional clothes of their country and talk of their culture; and a party put on by some students after midterm exams were over. 

Take a look at all the photos!!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Mongolian Wedding and Updates

A few weeks ago I was invited to a wedding of my friend Ganaa, who works at MIU and who also is in a class I am teaching. The wedding was held at a local restaurant, and filled with about 80 family members and guests. Weddings in Mongolia can range from completely traditionally Mongolian to totally Western. Many take some traditions of both worlds, as Ganaa did. It was a nice time to be a guest at the wedding.

I have also posted a few photos of friends in Ulaanbaatar and students at LEI.

It has snowed here a few times, signs of the cold weather that is coming. Today is 50F (10C).. beautiful. In a few days the temperature will be getting down to a low of 0F (-17C) at night, 30F (0C) during the day. We are ready :)

The bride and groom. Notice the traditional sheep's head and whole sheep on the table :)

Some MIU students who performed some pop dances.

Our friends Carey Ko and Annie (Chadraabaliin Molormaa)

My friends Annie, Bachka and me :)

The bride and groom with some of us.

Our friend Ganaa and me

Annie and Bachka

My student and friend Gan :)

... preparing a cake for our LEI teacher Carissa's birthday ...

Carissa with her cake :)

Our friend Ebu at Papa Cafe :)

Great photo of my Kathy with Ebu :)

Demka, one of our excellent students at LEI :)

Daniel our new friend :)

Saihnaa, another of our new friends :)

Our friends May, who works at MIU, and her sister Khanda

Time to go... Maria, JP, Hulan and Saihnaa :)

Maria, Soko, Saihnaa, Ankhzaya, Kathy and I at a movie night at our home :)

Our friend and "niece" Nance at Papa Cafe :)