Monday, October 5, 2015

Autumn in Mongolia

September was a good month :) At the beginning of the month I ended my four years as director of LEI. I think the quality of the program and the amount of students improved greatly. I met many at LEI and MIU that I will never forget. I learned so much about being a director, too! The teachers and many students were sad to see me leave. I was sad, too, particularly because I will miss working with such a great bunch of teachers, staff and students. But it is time to move on, and I have a good position lined up and I am waiting to begin. I will write more on that in the future. Why did I leave LEI? As I said, four years was a good amount of time to stay at the position. There were also times when the president of MIU, Dr Kwon, and I saw things differently as to how to move forward with the program. But all is well.

I have enjoyed meeting with students and teachers and friends this month. I have also enjoyed playing basketball each Saturday evening with friends. Great times! And Kathy and I continue to take long walks when there is time and we feel up to it.

Tuvshin, me and Heku

My jump shot still is ok :)

Tuvshin, me and Anujin

Some scenes of Ulaanbaatar

time with Suwdaa and Tuul

a Sunday morning with our church

one of the views from our apartment

with my friend Noni, one of the students at MIU

With Nymkhuu and Byambaa

with Solongo :)

Tseegii, Melody and me

view of UB from another window in our apartment

another view from our apartment

with a new LEI student Sveta from Russia