Monday, May 12, 2014

Springtime... LEI Brainstorm, MC at an English Forum, and a Hike

Spring has arrived... the trees and bushes are budding, the grass has begun to grow...... but it snowed today!!! haha... Weather in Mongolia is so unpredictable in the springtime. But it will be warming up soon.

Here are a bunch of photos. "A picture speaks a thousand words" we often say. You can read some captions under the photos to know what they are about :)

LEI Brainstorm Contest

Our LEI English contest

the Winners!!!

Some of our LEI teachers

Mongolian University of Life Sciences English Forum

Osas, Oyunaa and me

Hikes, Etc.....

the introduction of American football to Mongolia.. haha

Kathy in her office

A hike up some mountains south of the city

Oko, Odko and Melody :)