Sunday, February 16, 2014

Enjoying the winter in Mongolia :)

Enjoying the winter in Mongolia :) Kathy and I are now in to our spring semester at MIU / LEI. It has been a bit busy getting ready, but all is well. We had a teachers meeting on Friday. You can see a photo of us at the Chinese restaurant we went to. The teachers are super this semester. And I was able to spend Tsagaan Sar, meaning White Moon, the Mongolian new year celebration, with several families. It is always nice. You can see some of my friends with traditional clothes :) 

And I have decided to talk more long walks for exercise and to see new parts of the city. I have a bunch of photos here of typical views. The temperature hovers around -15 to 0F (-25 to -18C) during the day. Not bad when the wind is still but can feel cold on the face even if there is a slight breeze.

Take a look at the photos :)

Gracie, our friends' daughter, with me :)

Our super English teachers :)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Winter Walk Back in Ulaabaatar :)

I am back in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia! Of course the time I was in California with my dear daughters and family and friends was great. I miss them! And now I am happy to be back in Mongolia, with all the activities.

Besides all the usual visiting of friends and working on various things, I had the time to take a walk yesterday along the main river running through Ulaanbaatar, called the Tuul River. It is a wide, strong river, and freezes during the winter. Right now it is -18F (-28C) and will go down to about -35F (-37C). No wonder the river freezes! You can see many tire tracks on the river. But it was good to take the walk, get some photos, have some quiet ...

There are also photos of nice times with some of my friends and some random shots of Ulaanbaatar :)

Looks like a road, but it is the Tuul River :)

Mongolians love to drive crazy, too... :)