Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boxing at the Sports Complex

We have a friend named Galbaatar who in his young days was a championship boxer in Mongolia. These days he trains young boxers to win. A week ago my friends Amy, Nasim and I went to see his young boxer in his championship match. It was an interesting experience, allowing us to see another side of Mongolian life. I have never been much into boxing. But I love to see different aspects of life here in Mongolia, and to support our friend.

Galbaatar's boxer won!

Our friend Galbaatar and his young boxer.

The Sports Complex where we went for the boxing matches.

Amy, Nasim and I on our way to the Sports Complex

Amy in the middle of the Mongolian boxing fans :)

Galbaatar's boxer won the championship in his weight class.

Nasim with Bishrelt, Galbaatar's son.

Our friends Bishrelt and Galbaatar with a retired boxer.

Amy and Nasim at a statue of a wrestler doing his victory dance.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

LEI Spelling Competition

It's great to have some special activities in our LEI English program. Last week we had a spelling competition for all the students. There was a good, real competitive spirit present. Take a look at the photos :) The teachers also did a great job. Way to go!!

The winners of the spelling competition !!

Here are all the participants and staff.

Outside the LEI office.