Thursday, December 29, 2011

In America: Christmas in Ohio and Florida!!

Kathy and I spent time with Christy, Eric, Audrey and Kim in Ohio and celebrated Christmas there. Christmas eve we went to the church that Eric and Christy are part of. There was a Christmas eve service. Christmas eve is always a great time to consider the birth of Jesus into the world. Wonderful! He is the center of our time at Christmas. The next morning we all had breakfast and then opened gifts, which we traditionally give on Christmas day. Obviously Audrey was the most excited about it all. In the afternoon we all went to Eric's parent's place for a Christmas dinner. I watched the basketball game between the Lakers and Bulls. Too bad the Lakers lost!! Oh, well... ! The next day we drove down to Kim's place in Atlanta for a night and had breakfast the next day before continuing on to Florida to Ft. Myers where Kathy's mom lives.

The temperatures are about 70 degrees F (20 degrees C) during the day. A far cry from the cold in Mongolia! We are enjoying the weather, the friends, our family, and the break. We will be here a few more days before heading to Titusville, Florida, to see friends there.

Our granddaughter Audrey and me :)

Me with Christy and Eric

Our daughter Kim with her niece Audrey :)

Eric and Christy's church where we all went on Christmas eve

Kathy and Kim after the Christmas eve service

Kathy's brother Jamie with his son Jacob, Kathy, me, Kim, Christy and Eric after the service

Christmas morning

Audrey with her new Disney hair bow and new doll

Christy with one of her Christmas gifts

Eric and Christy's black labs :)

We drove from Ohio to Florida, stopping at the Wexel's home, friends of Kim

In Florida at the swimming pool where Kathy's mom lives :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

On to America!!

December 20: -30F (-35C) Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

December 21: 70F (21C) Santa Ana, California, USA

Kathy and I flew to California from Mongolia on the 20th. Long flight, but good. Great to be in America. Next day we flew to Ohio and are with our two daughters Christy and Kim and Christy's husband Eric and their dear daughter Audrey. Watch for more photos in the days to come.

On December 19th Kathy's high school had their Christmas party in Ulaanbaatar. Our lovely "daughter" Amy went with. Really nice time!

Ulaanbaatar December 19: -30 degrees C / Santa Ana December 21: 21 degrees C

The Mongolian International School (high school) Christmas party

Our "daughter" Amy with Kathy

Nahee :)

Kathy, Sunny and me

Yoon Se Park and me

Kathy, Alondra and I at In-and-Out Burger in Los Angeles... welcome to California :) :)