Saturday, February 16, 2013

Goodbye to America and Canada :)

I'm back in Mongolia! Our trip to America and Canada is over.. but with great memories. So here are some pics :)

Kathy, Christy, Audrey, Kim and I took a drive up to Leamington, Ontario, Canada. Great time driving, laughing, talking, being with each other. Kathy's Aunt Mitzie and Uncle Ernie celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Wow!! wonderful that they have been together so faithfully! We were able to see many of Kathy's relatives. Her parents were originally from Leamington. We stayed at her aunt's home, which she has always affectionately called "the farm" because of the apple orchards, rose greenhouses and other things that have been grown there through the years.

We drove back to Ohio some days later, and after saying bye to our darling daughters and family, Kathy and I flew to California to be with friends and brethren in the church we were part of before we left for Mongolia two years ago.What a difference in climate from Mongolia!!! It was nice to be there, and nicer to see our friends and all in Resurrection Life Church :)


the Farm :)

I enjoyed taking long walks through the farmland outside Leamington

... have to have our coffee together :)  ....

... the Farm... The apple orchard behind the home :)

... the Farm ...

... the Farm .... the Thiessen apple crates lend a nice background for us ....

... the Farm ... Kathy has loved to visit the farm often during her life ...

Aunt Mitzie and Uncle Ernie in the first row, with the rest of the family

Lake Ontario... mostly frozen at this time of year

Lake Ontario

the Ambassador Bridge connecting Canada and America

a view of Detroit from the Canadian side


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Time in America

The time I had in America from Christmas 2012 to January 22nd, 2013 was excellent. Kathy and I spent time in Ohio, Ontario, Canada and California. Here are a few photos while in Ohio. We spent time in Westerville, Ohio with our daughter Christy, her husband Eric, their darling daughter Audrey and our other daughter Kim, along with her cool fiance Lenny. Great time!

Lenny, Kim, me, Christy, Eric, and little Audrey in front with Kathy :)

Here are a few photos of the airport in Ulaanbaatar, when I left for the USA

.... a cool view of Ulaanbaatar from the air .....

with little Audrey in Ohio :)