Saturday, November 22, 2014

Culture Day 2014 at LEI

Culture Day 2014 at LEI! Each year at this time our Language Education Institute has it's Culture Day. It is a great time for us. This year was the best ever.

LEI lends itself to having a culture day because this year we have about 8 different nations and cultures represented at our school: Mongolia, Russia, Korea, China, Inner Mongolia in China, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Nigeria. And of course Tom and Jen, our American teachers and I also talked of our culture a bit. 

The following photos show you the excitement and hard work of the students!

Some of the teachers and staff at LEI

Our MC's from Mongolia and Russia

Our Korean students

We love LEI :)

Our Turk students

Russian students

Russian students singing

Our Russian students

The Inner Mongolians wrote Eleanor Roosevelt's, "Yesterday is history..."

Our Inner Mongolian students

A Mongolian student

Some of the Mongolian students put on a fashion show

Our Mongolian students

A Mongolian greeting

Me with a Mongolian student in traditional clothes

The Turks!

The Turks with me

Dancing on the stage after our activity was over

Our friends from Nigeria

My Mongolian friend and me

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Visit from some friends during our busy October

October has been a good month. Our church is doing well, LEI has seen its problems almost totally ironed out, and we had a really nice week-long visit from our British friends Roger and Pam Shuttleworth. It is so nice to show friends around the city of Ulaanbaatar and take a drive into the countryside. Roger spoke at our church service and also at a gathering of students at MIU. Excellent times. We were sorry to see them go, but trust there will be future times together!

LEI is basically running normally now after the crazy summer and September. This week we have mid terms at our school. Also, our church is doing well. The brethren are growing and taking on more responsibility. We are also seeing many visitors and the number of people in Torch is growing. All is very encouraging. So onward we go!

Roger and me

Me at the Genghis Khan statue

Kathy and Pam at Terelj National Park

Roger in front of Turtle Rock at Terelj National Park

Roger speaking at Torch Church

Torch Church October, 2014

Kathy speaking at Torch Church

A letter from our granddaughter Audrey

Roger, Pam, Batnyam and me

Dusk view from the north of UB

Torch friends: Sheri, Danny, Emily, Temka, Jon and Bobby

Me in front of the LEI office

Our LEI staff Tuul with 2 students: Zolboo and Namuuna

Kathy on an afternoon visit to our friend Tsoomo and his family

Tsoomoo and Kathy and a few of Tsoomoo's family's cows