Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Photos of Mongolia

Thanks to all of you who have shown so much care to us in the last few months!! Yesterday the 8 boxes Kathy and I shipped from California 2 months ago arrived!! And we were amazed that all the boxes arrived and that nothing was broken.. !! We thank the Lord for His goodness in it all. Last night and today Kathy has been happily sorting things out all the stuff. It feels like Christmas... haha!! We are happy about how things are happening here in Ulaanbaatar. Our apartment is becoming a home. We enjoy having friends over for visits or meals. We are feeling useful and needed.

It snowed here a few days ago. It was a warm snow and has melted already. But the mountains that surround the city remain dusted with some snow and it looks nice. There have been dust storms the last few days. The windows were shaking one night. The wind seems to intensify suddenly, and then slow down as fast as it came. The air is super dry here. The Mongolians don't notice it at all, but most foreigners need tons of lotion to fight off the dryness. There are benefits to having dry air. Clothes dry so fast after being washed, for example.

One day we saw a bunch of people with their horses in the main city square who came in from the countryside to stand for some of their rights. Cool to see the horses. You can see some photos of them here. You can also see some of the friends we have seen as well as another church we visited this past Sunday, Living Word Christian Church, one of the biggest evangelical churches in the city. I have also included some random photos of city life here.

.... all the dessert you could want at this shop.... :)

Our friend Munguu, Kathy and I went to the California Restaurant... good time!

Need your weight taken? Scale is guaranteed accurate... :)

Living Word Christian Church. Our friend Margadaa has her hand raised. Uunuu at the far left  is playing acoustic guitar.

One of t he pastors, Sodoo, taking a moment to speak during the worship time.

Here is one of the strange open manholes we have to dodge in the city.

One of the booths in a large hardware market area in the city.

The beginning of a dust storm we got caught in after work one day. You can see the kids running for cover at the left.

Our friend Oogii came over for dinner one day after visiting us at MIU.. :)

Kathy ... happy that our boxes arrived!!

I love this photo of two girls crossing the university grounds one morning during some snow flurries.

Ice cream and coffee... some of the necessities of life... haha...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Time with Friends and Visits to Some Churches

Kathy and I continue to meet people at MIU, spend time with friends, and also visit some churches. Here are more photos of the people I work with at MIU and also of our friends in the city.

There are many churches here in Ulaanbaatar and Kathy and I plan to visit some and then decide on one church to join in with. We have visited three churches so far, and each is full of wonderful people. It may not be easy to choose a church, but we believe Jesus will lead us and has a purpose for us here in Mongolia to encourage people and help people along as we also discover more of Him for ourselves. I have been invited to speak in several churches here in the city. I believe that is part of what God wants for me here.

This is the Language Education Institute staff I am with at MIU. Great bunch of people!

The teacher who gives baking classes in the vocational section. Great baker!

Our dear friend Tsoom who is like a daughter to me... :)

Tsoom loves the Lakers, like I do... :)

Our friends the Hortons! Noel teaches at MIU.

One Sunday Munguu, Nergui, Soko, Kathy and I went to Cornerstone Church, an international church where English is used.

The pastor speaking during the meeting.

The next Sunday our friend Julia took us to another church near the airport. The church building is located in a green building in the background.

The pastor Bayraa is at the left, with the visiting speaker, one of the brothers in the church, and me.

Here Tsoom, her husband Taivanaa and Julia are leading worship.

The guest speaker talking to the church.

Various Scenes in Ulaanbaatar

There are so many scenes in Ulaanbaatar. I love to walk along the street and take photos. In some of my past blogs I think I have posted many photos of our city that make things look great here. The truth is, there are many beautiful things, and many that are not. The streets are often dirty and broken. The sidewalks are often dirt and broken pavement. You can't really take a leisurely stroll here because you may trip on a rock or fall into one of the many open manholes in the street or sidewalk. Watch it!!! So these photos show the good and bad a bit more.

But I love being here. More than anything, it is the people that make a place nice. I love the people!!