Wednesday, January 30, 2013

End of the fall semester at MIU

The end of the fall semester finished a month ago. Time flies!! Since then, Kathy and I went to America to visit friends and family. It was a great time!! I will post photos of those days soon. 

For now, here are some photos of the end of the fall semester at MIU/LEI. We had a final Christmas party for the LEI students. Great time :) Usually students in Mongolia love to dress up for occasions like this. It was an excellent semester for all of us, despite times of hectic busy-ness and so on, which is normal!

You can also see photos of some of Kathy's activities related to her Student Success Center, of the cold here in Mongolia, of the MIU staff dinner, of Torch our church, of friends in our Bible group and of the 1st anniversary of Teen Challenge here in Mongolia.

Kathy and the tutors at Student Success Center at MIU put on a super competition called "You Want to be a TOEFL/TEPS Champion". She put it on to encourage students to work hard to prepare for the international English proficiency tests. Way to go, Kathy!!! I am proud of you!!!

Here are a few photos in the -20F (-30C) days in Mongolia :)

MIU put on a Christmas dinner for the staff. Good time :) Somehow I was picked to be Santa Clause. Hmmm... actually, despite my white beard and reddish-graying hair in my silver years, I have never actually played Santa Clause before! Anyway.. it was an experience :)

Our Bible group had a Christmas party... great time :)

Kathy and I have been so blessed in Torch, the church we are involved with. Here are two recent photos...

I speak in the morning Bible time at the Teen Challenge center every other Friday. In December they held the first anniversary of the effort in Mongolia.