Thursday, May 9, 2013

Good times with friends :)

Spring is here. Classes at the university are going well. And Kathy and I spend really nice time with friends around the city, and weekly with people in our church as well as the Bible study we lead. Our time here in Ulaanbaatar continues to be so worthwhile. Summer is coming soon!

In April I came down with pneumonia. Strange for me, and the first time I have ever had it. But it is not uncommon here in Mongolia. I missed a week and a half of work, staying at home seeing no one. Some days were quite difficult, but for most of them I was able to relax and get work done that I had put off for so long. I took strong medicine for 10 days, and now I am 100% again :) 

Here are photos of friends and places. There are some wonderful people here in Ulaanbaatar :)

Our church cell group went out for Chinese dinner one week.

March 31 our church Torch had a retreat out in the countryside in a small town. It was a great time to get away and get to know everyone!

Many of the people in Torch Church

Here are some photos of times at Torch Church:

Kathy and I and friends went to a movie after our time at Torch Church.

Chimgee, Odko and Kathy at the movie theater

Here are photos of friends at our Bible study:

Time with friends and walks through Ulaanbaatar:

Daye, Yeji, Kathy and me after coffee at Papa Cafe :)

Seung Eun, who is like a daughter to me :)

Nasim, my "adopted" son and me

Peace Avenue at a moment when the police stopped all traffic ...

The main government building in Sukhbaatar Square