Monday, February 8, 2016

Time in USA and South Korea

After getting back to Ulaanbaatar, I have reflected often on the time I spent in the USA and South Korea seeing family and friends. We all love vacations, right? :) It was a great time.

Christmas time in Ohio with family is always nice. This year was special because our daughter gave birth to a little girl named Elliana. Eric and Christy and little Audrey are so happy about it. 

Kathy and I also drove down to Virginia to see Kim and her new home. So nice. Lenny her husband is in the Navy and is on duty for several more months. We missed him! 

On my way back to UB, I stopped in California for a few days and then in Korea for a few days to see friends. So nice. 

Now I'm back in UB and enjoying the time here and looking forward to the spring semester. 

Time with Audrey in Ohio

Kim and Audrey

Eric and Audrey

Christy, Kim and Kathy

Audrey is great on the razor :)

Christy (carrying Elliana), Eric, Audrey, Eric's parents, Kim and Kathy

At the hospital after little Elliana was born

Best photo! (photo by Christy) :)

Appomattox, Virginia where General Lee surrendered to General Grant to end the civil war



Spring Mountain area

Kathy and I went to a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game

Our friend Ho Kyung, who we first met in Italy on a train! 

Some of the friends in California who threw me a birthday party :)

Thanks, Dave, for the motivation ... haha

Some of my great friends from the church we used to be part of in California

My friends Cam-Tu and Steve

Dewane, a friend I met on the flight from LA to Seoul.

I spent time with Henry and Amy. On our walk home one night, we found a batting cage. It's been years since I swung a bat!

Amy, who is like a daughter to me, and Henry

Amy, Henry, me and Johnny

Johnny is like a son to me

My friends Yeojin and Amy

My "daughter" Hye Jung

Hye Jung and me