Saturday, May 19, 2012

Culture Day at LEI !!

LEI had a Culture Day a week ago. As you know, there are various different nations represented in our department. Students from China, Afghanistan, Russia, Korea, Mongolian and Azerbaijan were represented. Great time!! 

A real bond is made among the students at LEI because of the need for all the students to open up to speak and learn English. Our activities are geared to helping students to get to know each other. The Culture Day is an excellent way for them to tell more about themselves and their countries. 

Enjoy the photos!

Three of our teachers: Anar, Chaagii and Natasha with me

they asked me to sing a song...

Donggun and me

Undraa and Namii with me

Davka and Enza :)

the Mongolian men!

Yi Jeon, Sun Lin, Guk Hee, Jae Hak from Korea with me

Enkhee, Chaagii and Bayanaa

Dano, Baaska and Migaa

Mun Jin and me

Muugii and Sakhanaa

Tseko, Chaagii, Aika and Molly

the Russians teaching a game

Migaa with traditional bow and arrows

Russian girls preparing food for all of us

Mohammad and Jawad doing an Afghan dance

the Russians singing their national anthem

Uka and Muugii in traditional Mongolian dress

Davka, Hae In and me

Soko and Muugii

the Koreans demonstrating exercises

the Mongolians!!

a traditional Mongol dance

One of the students showing the typical wrestler's cloths

Muugii and some of the guys playing a Chinese game

Ikon, Undraa and Namii doing a traditional Mongol dance

Chimgee speaking of Mongolian food, with Enza, Davka and Bayanaa

Guk Hee and me

Aika, Tseko, Molly and Aagii in their traditional Mongolian dress

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In the Countryside :)

A week ago Kathy, our friends Seulgi, So Young and Tuvshuu and I went to the countryside to see the huge Chingis Khan monument (Chingis is the way the Mongolians spell and pronounce his name). The drive was fun, the approach to the monument was amazing because of its size, and the time at the monument was so interesting.

After that we headed back, and stopped at a roadside place where we visited two eagles and a vulture (and their owner hoping to make a buck or two.... hmmm... a thousand tugrik or two). I have seen eagles along the road but never a vulture. Of course the vulture was ugly and made a horrible scream each time he got tangled up in the leash and couldn't get out. But he had a huge wingspan. So we all had fun taking our photos with the birds on our protected hands and arms. Really fun!! Seulgi, So Young and Tuvshuu were so brave, especially because they had never done it before. We had a lot of laughs.. and some good photos.. haha. What do you think? The vulture bit me on my arm but I survived :) In this first photo you can see that he climbed up on my shoulders and I think he wanted to make sure we caught his pose on film.. haha

If you have never gotten your photo with one of these birds, you must do it if you ever get the chance. One of the great things about Mongolia is its nature, its natural resources and its countryside.

So Young and Seulgi in front, Tuvshuu and me in back, Mr. Vulture on top, and Kathy took the photo :)

... the view from the top of the monument...

... Chingis Khan's left hand and his sword handle ...