Saturday, June 4, 2011

LEI Graduation!!

On Friday LEI had our graduation ceremony. It was a really good time. Though I have attended some graduations in the U.S. in the last few years, I have not actually participated in a graduation for many years. Here at LEI the students have worked hard during the past year to increase their English language skills. And the teachers worked so hard during the year as well. Way to go everyone!!!!!!!

For me, it has been a rewarding two months since Kathy and I have arrived here in Mongolia. So much has happened in our lives recently. All in all it has been a great experience. Kathy and I will be working part of the summer, traveling for a part of it, and spending time with people, studying Mongolian, and preparing for the fall semester.

John was one of the MC's

The LEI staff and teachers: Ricardo, Anar, Ju-Hei, Vica, Inna, Bayarmaa, Eva, Gereltuya and me

... watching a video created by Anar of the past year in  photos...

Inna and Vica gave speaches... as the MC's John and Gereltuya look on...

Ju-Hei, one of our teachers... :)

Ricardo and me in a lighter moment... :)

Gereltuya announces the 2nd place winner of the Academic Award

Ricardo congratulates Anastasiia, the 1st place winner of the Academic Award

Gereltuya closing the ceremony

Ricardo and Ju-hei

Nikolay and Bayarmaa

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