Monday, September 26, 2011

LEI outing to Gachuurt !!

On Friday the Language Education Institute teachers, staff and students went on a day trip to a place along the river Tuul outside of Ulaanbaatar called Gachuurt. We had a GREAT time there. The purpose was to give the students and staff opportunity to know each other better. Learning a language is not easy, and having good relationships among students has great advantages. Also, the staff of LEI cares about the students and wants to make their year at LEI meaningful.

You can see from the photos that I was happy to be involved. My view on things is that involvement with the teachers and students is an essential part of being a director in a university or other educational institution. And I love being among them, as I have often said. People is what this world is all about. Getting involved with people and helping people is the way to go!

You can see that fall is upon us. I have included some photos of the students, the camp we stayed at for the day, and some of the surrounding area to give you a feel for where we were. My desire is always to give you a real picture of life here in Mongolia. Enjoy the photos!!

The LEI students and staff before we headed home!

A worker's "pack horse" :)

We rented a full size 45-seat bus and a smaller 20-seat van

The teachers had lots of fun activities for the students!

Some of the teachers and staff

Lunch time!

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  1. As always, fabulous shots :) But too bad grass has gone yellow already !!!