Thursday, October 27, 2011

This Week in Pictures

I  love to be with people. I love to take photos, if you haven't noticed already.. haha. I love to communicate what is going on in my life with any who are interested. Sometimes I don't know what to title my blog post. So I have chosen the obvious... This Week in Pictures. As you know, "a picture speaks a thousand words." So it is :) Take a look at the photos of this week, with my short description of each group.

These first are of the LEI office I am in. Things are running pretty smoothly these days. As I have said too many times, it is great to be working at Mongolian International University.

Nasim the Afghan, who calls me dad, sitting at my desk with 2 students :)

... and Amy from Korea who calls me dad ... :)

I got some more photos recently from a student who took photos at the MIU basketbaal competition a few weeks ago. So I thought I would post a few .....

Sulide, from Inner Mongolia, China, and me .....

Yea... I made a few points :)

The Bible study we have at our home has become a special thing for all of us. God is blessing our friendships and pursuit of Him! Some of us went into the center of the city, to Sukhbaatar Square a few weeks ago. In the background you can see the main government building with the revered statue of Genghis Khan (spelled Chinggis Khan in Mongolia).

What a great group!! :)

Javzanpagma and me :)

We took a bike ride around the square...

Sainaa, Javzanpagma's sister

Hulan and her Aunt Nergui

Many weddings and special occasions are held in the square...

Zolboo and the others in our home.

This last Sunday Kathy and I visited a church where our friend Bogi goes. Bogi is a dear sister in the Lord who works at Papa Cafe, the cafe next door to us. We met her there some months ago. Kathy and I have gotten together with her several times recently.

The place where the church meets; photo taken from our apartment window.

Bogi loves to sing and play guitar.

This week I met a brother named Tom. He is here from Michigan, spending a year to learn Mongolian and then plans to head out to the countryside to minister the Lord in spiritual and practical ways. He left his career in dentistry to come to Mongolia. I am constantly amazed by the caliber of men and women who have left so much to give their lives for other people. 

This past Tuesday I introduced him to my friend Amar who is head of Dentistry at Health Sciences University of Mongolia. It was an excellent opportunity for Tom and Amar to make a connection for working together in the future. Amar has trusted the Lord Jesus to provide the building and the equipment for the university. His desire is not for money, but to provide dental help for many of the poor of Mongolia. Great work!

Tom in front of the university building.

Tom got the privilege of sitting in Amar's chair at his desk in the head office... :)

Tom has opportunity to speak to the staff at the univesity.

Here is some of the state-of-the-art equipment at the university.

And this week we had a great time with one of the LEI students, Tseko, and her mother at Papa Cafe where Bogi works. Interestingly, Papa Cafe is also where I met Tom recently.

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