Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Semester Has Begun !!

It has been a while since I posted anything here. Life keeps very busy but good. I love the new school year that has begun. It is so good to work with the teachers at LEI, be with the students, meet with many friends, and enjoy the countryside. 

Following are photos of friends we have been with, some time at Teen Challenge that I have been involved with, and time at LEI. 

Kathy and I enjoyed dinner at a little German restaurant one evening.

The following photos were taken at the men's Teen Challenge center in Ulaanbaatar. You may be aware that Teen Challenge was begun in America some years ago in the hopes of helping men and women to get saved from alcohol and addictive drugs. There are now many centers around the world, including here in Ulaanbaatar. The men are great to be with, and great progress is being made.

Time with friends!!

Kathy and Tseko, who is now studying in the USA

Kathy and I with our friends Soko and Sugii :)

The walk home from MIU after a rain....

The fall semester has started at LEI (Language Education Institute). Following are photos of some of the teachers and students. A few weeks ago we went with 120 students for a day outing at a place callled Gachurt, a retreat type campgrounds near the Tuul River. Great time!

Some of the teachers and staff at LEI .....

Most of the students at LEI

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