Thursday, July 31, 2014

Middle of Summer in Mongolia!

It's the middle of summer in Mongolia. There has been a lot of rain here this summer... a bit unusual. BGut days like today are almost perfect... 75F (24C) and sunny. It's been great to spend some time with our LEI students playing basketball and having coffee; with friends renting bikes at the new city park; attending several weddings - one where our Chinese friends got married and one where our Kazakh friends got married - and taking some of my usual walks to new places in and around Ulaanbaatar.

The time Kathy and I are spending here in Mongolia continue to be blessed by the Lord. The adventure continues....... :)

LEI students spending a day around the city.

Kathy with our friend Jonathan on a motorcycle trip to the countryside.

Cool photo.... Kathy is super!

Mongolian children in the street.

The city opera house

Our friend Jossy and her husband Chinese wedding :)

Our friend Anar's Kazakh wedding.

... a train crossing a bridge outside Ulaabaatar ...

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