Thursday, January 29, 2015

Time in the USA

I am back in Ulaanbaatar now, back from my time in the USA. In so many ways it was a great time. Kathy and I spent time in Ohio and California with family and friends.

In Ohio we saw Christy, Eric and little Audrey and spent Christmas there. Kim and Lenny drove there from California after they drove to Virginia. Great time. So nice to all be together. We went to Christy and Eric's church several times, went shopping, went to the movies, spent time at home. ... and lots of pillow fights with Audrey :)

After that Kathy and I went to California. We were with Lenny and Kim in San Diego for some days, and then with friends in Santa Ana. What a beautiful place California is... especially in the winter when Mongolia is so cold! We visited Lenny and Kim's church and did some things together. In Santa Ana where we used to live we spent time with friends and people in our church we used to attend while living there. Busy time in many ways.

Now I'm back in Mongolia. Great to be back. Lot's to do! And waiting for Kathy to return in a few weeks after she enjoys life in California for a little while longer :)

Gingerbread house competition :)

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