Sunday, July 31, 2016

New Days in Ohio!

Here we are, living in Ohio now. What a change! We are enjoying our time here. After 5 years in Mongolia, there is adjustment taking place in our hearts and lives. We really like Ohio and the Westerville area. You can see photos of Kathy and I in the "uptown" area, as well as watching the parade on the 4th of July and a day with Audrey at the zoo.

On the second day in Ohio we bought a Toyota Highlander 2008. Great to drive! And then we got used bikes and have ridden around the area almost every day while here. The trails are great. We also bought a new bed, a dresser, an end table, and now have a desk our friends gave us. Little by little we are acclimating.

We went to a Cubs game in Cincinnati against the Reds a few weeks ago. Fun! And we took a trips to Virginia, Chicago IL, and Eau Clair and Appleton WI. More photos to follow in the next week :)

Kathy in uptown Westerville


Kathy, Christy and little Elliana


Kathy, Christy, Eric, Audrey and Elliana in Westerville

Our new 2008 Highlander

Kathy and her new bike

Me and my new bike at the Hoover Reservoir

Cincinnati Reds stadium

Little Elliana
Kathy and Elliana at the 4th of July parade

4th of July!

Beginning of the 4th of July fireworks

At the Columbus Zoo

Friday, July 8, 2016

Final days of living in Mongolia

Goodbye to Mongolia! Well.... just for a short while. Kathy and I made a decision back in the beginning of 2016 to finish our work in Mongolia and begin a new chapter in our lives in Ohio in the USA. We plan to visit our friends in Mongolia from time to time, though, and will always look forward to that. 

Three weeks ago Kathy and I boarded the plane at the airport in Ulaanbaatar after saying bye to many many friends. It was a very busy last few weeks in Ulaanbaatar for us. We will miss so many people. But we thank the Lord for the internet, cell phones and other means to stay in touch around the world in this 21st century!

It was a big decision to leave Mongolia. We lived there for over five years. It was a whirlwind of activity from the day we arrived there. Kathy and I were thrilled to be able to be involved in the lives of so many young people at Mongolia International University. Kathy and I learned a lot, me having the opportunity to be director of LEI and Kathy the opportunity to teach a variety of classes to high schoolers and university students. 

Perhaps the main focus for us was our involvement with Torch Church for the last three and a half years. God blessed us much during that time. It was clearly a time arranged by Him both for our growth and for the growth of the church. After a short while of being in Torch, God brought me into the position of pastor of the church. He also helped all of us to grow as individuals and also to grow in numbers. Jesus is wonderful!!

But as I said, Kathy and I sensed some months ago that it was time to leave Mongolia for Ohio. The church is much stronger than when we joined in with it. The leaders seem ready to take the lead. And through a series of events God lead us to Ohio to focus on having some quality time with family and friends and churches throughout the USA. More on that in my next post :)

And so our new chapter opens in Ohio. We are staying with our older daughter Christy and her family for the next 8 months or so as we await the opportunity in March, 2017 to move into the home we bought just eight houses from them! 

Here are photos of our last days with Torch Church people, MIU friends and others, and also two day-trips to Terelj. 

Torch Church!

Here is a photo of the last Sunday with many of the people in Torch Church in Ulaanbaatar. What a group!

Bat, Nara and Bold, the Mongolian leaders of Torch Church.

With our friend Bogi.

With Esther and Carey Ko, one of the leaders of Torch Church.

With our friend Gerlee.

With Enkh Jin, who has been living in Germany.

At our home with dear Bayarmaa

With Uyanga, ready for some kick-boxing haha


With my friend Odno at Papa Cafe.

With Tsoomoo at his graduation from high school. 

With Marlaa, Muugii, Tengis and Bogi at the home of Muugii. 

With all our friends at Beantree, where I spent much of the last 9 months meeting with people, counseling, encouraging, etc. 

Kathy with a special piece of artwork at Beantree :)

LEI teachers and staff with a farewell gift they gave us. 

LEI teachers and staff with a farewell gift they gave us. 

With Boloroo and her kids. She was the manager of the apartment we lived in.

With Usukh and his dad Erdene, good friends!

With Farasoo, who graduated from MIU. We are proud of him!

With Peter, Seung Eun, Sunigel and Sophia and Munkhzaya :)

With Anu (Miss USA haha), Tsoomoo, a friend we met at the river, and dear Mika.

With Bayankhuu, Yeojin, Oyuka and Anujin, and Mongolmaa.

Day trips to Terelj!

With Tuul, the super LEI staff worker!

With Tom, a great man!

With Sunigel, Tom, a friend, Tuul and Khaliuna.


With our dear friends Nasaa and Davaa :)