Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Traveling On!

Having moved to Ohio from Mongolia in June, and having somewhat settled in to this new chapter in our lives, Kathy and I have begun to travel around the eastern side of our North American continent to visit family, friends and churches. What a change in our lifestyle! We are enjoying it very much, though there are adjustments to be made. 

Every place we have visited has its interesting and beautiful places. Best of all, though, is seeing people. That is our main purpose through these days of travel while we wait for our home in Westerville, Ohio to be available March 1. Then once again our lifestyle may change quite a bit!

I have written captions under most of the photos so you can see where we have been and who we have seen. I could have posted many many more. But here are some to give you a flavor of the places we have been. Enjoy the photos. 

Little Elliana who we get to visit while staying at Christy's home :)

Above the Mississippi River in Wisconsin

Beautifully landscaped Wisconsin

Visiting Uncle Birney and Aunt Margaret in Eau Clair Wisconsin

My cousin Eric and Robin at the house they are building in Wisconsin

Kathy, Uncle Birney, Eric, Robin and I

Long time friends in Chicago: Jeanne, Joe, Bob, Jon, Suzanne, Judy and Tim

Kathy's brother Jamie and family near Chicago

Belvidere, Illinois where my grandparents on my mom's side lived.

Where my grandparents on my dad's side lived in Chicago

Van Gogh and I in the Art Institute of Chicago

With my sister Anne in Chicago.

Taking a bike ride in Chicago

With my fierce brother-in-law Rick at the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame museum.

With Kathy, Rick and Kathy in Appleton, Wisconsin

A visit to the Hortons in Michigan. We met them in Mongolia 5 yrs ago.

In Lynchburg, Virginia with our daughter Kim and hubbie Lenny

Lexington, Virginia.

Amish country, Pennsylvania

Amish country, Pennsylvania

Amish country, Pennsylvania. Great day for a bike ride :)

Amish country, Pennsylvania


In Vermont with my sister Irene and her family

In Vermont with my nephews Dan and John.

Chincoteague, Virginia on the east coast of the USA

Chincoteague, Virginia on the east coast of the USA

Visiting my brother Jim and his wife Ginny in Wilmington, NC.

Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington, North Carolina

A visit to the civil war battlefield national park in Manassas, Virginia

A monument to Stonewall Jackson at the Manassas battlefield

With my friend Art (on the right) and friends at the Manassas battlefield.

Bad storm in northern Ohio while we were driving.

Leamington, Ontario, Canada to visit Kathy's family.

A stop in St. Jacobs, Ontario to see long-time friends Roger and Pam.

Our niece Laurie at her home in Waterloo, Ontario

On the "farm" in Leamington with our nephew Andrew and kids.