Thursday, February 16, 2017

November, December and January in the USA

Here are some photos from our days in the US during November, December and January. Kathy and I have had some great times with friends and family. I am a bit behind on posting photos but will post more soon :)

Time with our family during the Thanksgiving holiday.

A visit to see Joshua and Jennifer, friends from Mongolia, in Campbellsville, KY

Time with Bat and Bujee and family in Campbellsville, KY

Time with the Monroes and the church they are part of in Huntsville, AL

Gathering of the church in Huntsville, AL

Travis and Mike in Huntsville, AL

Snowstorm in Ohio

Christmas time in Westerville, OH with family

Columbus Blue Jackets hockey!

Columbus Blue Jackets hockey!

Christmas in Westerville, OH

Christmas in Westerville, OH

Time in Florida with family :)

Time in Florida with family :) - our dear niece Alana!

Downtown Fort Myers, FL with Alana

with Alana :)

with our dear friends David and family

Basketball at the park

Our family in Fort Myers, FL

Time in Orange, California

A morning at the park with our church friends in Santa Ana, California

with Maggie, Tom and Lan, friends from RBF days

A visit to LA to see church friends from years ago