Sunday, January 14, 2018

Our New Home in Westerville!

Wow! It has been almost 11 months since I posted here on my blog! Kathy and I moved into our new home on March 1, 2017. It actually isn't new, because it was built in 1959. It was an exciting day for us and we were set to make fast work of all the changes we wanted to make :) We worked hard for the next 6 months, as you can see from the photos here. It became discouraging many times because the work went much slower and harder than we had expected. I think everyone discovers that when they make big changes to a home or other project. And we have learned many good and lasting things from God through all we have experienced since moving in.

I worked on every room in the house. We began with the living room, dining room, kitchen area, knocking out 2 walls that separated the kitchen from the living room and dining room and made it one "great room." Despite the hard work, we are very happy with how it turned out. Our friend Randy helped us with the ceiling in the living room (well, I helped HIM with the ceiling!) It turned out great. Kathy and I were not expecting to have to install all the new kitchen cabinets and appliances, but we had to! What a learning experience it was for us. I looked at YouTube videos very often :) 

I have learned more that there are so many things we can do if we learn about them, ask about them, and receive encouragement from others. Through the months of hard work and many hours working, I often wondered what type of part time work I would find after I was finished. Just as I was finishing a lot of the main work, a door opened up to do handyman work for a neighbor half a block from us. After that, other jobs have opened up for me. It has been like clockwork, and I am amazed and thankful to God! 

Enjoy a few photos that show just a little bit of the experience of it all. I will make more posts in the near future to show the other rooms we have done and some more "before and after" photos :)

Our home this past fall. We plan to do a bunch of work on the yard this coming spring.


Our back yard.

Day 1. Kathy and I knock down the partition walls in the living room!

End of the first day :)

Before and after the first day.

Our dear friend Randy with the new ceiling we put in.

We chose burnt orange paint. Too bright! So we changed it to gray-green :)

The day the wood flooring contractor added hardwood to the kitchen are.
After the flooring guys finished the whole floor :)

Kathy's kitchen was in the downstairs family room for 10 weeks!

This shows progress I was making on the kitchen cabinets.

Making headway on the kitchen cabinets.

Almost done :)

We had a counter top company come in and install the counters.

After that I installed the backsplash using white subway tiles. We like it :)

This was the first coffee we enjoyed at our new kitchen island!

First coffee :)

Our fireplace before we worked on it.

Our fireplace now.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Trip to Asia!!

What a trip Kathy and I took to Asia in January and February! We went with our dear friends Rob and Cha from California. We spent about a week in the Philippines, a week in Vietnam and a week in Thailand. Each place was different and unique. Our goal was to visit friends and churches there. God blessed our time :) 

We visit many wonderful people. In the Philippines we met some of Cha's family. We also met dear friends for the first time. So great :) And we went to some cool places. In Vietnam we visited famous Ha Long Bay, which was very interesting and beautiful. We also saw many great friends. And finally we went to Thailand where we stayed in a quaint hotel in the midst of Bangkok, and had special time with great friends there. 


Rob and me

Juancho and Joy my "son and daughter" :)

with Juanica, Juancho and Joy's daughter

After church in Manila

Ready for a boating trip!

With Greg and Sarah and family at their mission location

A short stop in Cebu

Beautiful water on the coast of Cebu


Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay with Rob and Cha

Great time with dear friends in Hanoi

In front of the famous Metropole Hotel in Hanoi

With Bin and his friends :)

With Tuoi, Thoung and Springtime in Hanoi


On the Chao Phraya River that runs through Bangkok

At the Asiatique along the river in Bangkok

with Tanongsak, Mint, Mild and Sittisak at Asiatique

With dear Mint and Mild at the Siam Paragon Mall

Karaoke with Kathy, Mint and Mild!

Visiting an elephant park in Bangkok with Mint and Mild

Pretty tough looking, right? 

Met our friends Jonathan and Bobby who we first met in Mongolia

Kathy and our great friend Bua at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok

Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok

In the flower district

Kathy with dear Bua :)