Monday, May 16, 2016

Good days in UB

Good days in UB. Our friend Bernard Hull came for a visit. It was good for everyone. It's a shame that his wife Hazel couldn't come because of a bad flu. But we will hopefully see her and Bernard in Alabama in September during our time in Ohio and other places we will be able to visit. 

Bernard spoke often while here to our church, to a small Bible study we have, and to our church home group. We also were able to take some walks around the city and had the privilege of sitting in on a group of contortionists practicing one day. I have always wanted to view a performance put on by contortionists but have never done it. So this was a nice time to talk with the teacher and her students and to watch them do some fantastic contortions. The teacher was one of the first ones in her younger days to perform in Mongolia. We were also able to attend an evening performance of Mongolian and Russian singers and musicians performing some traditional music representing their countries. 

And this week Kathy and I and friends took a hike to the north to Chingeltei. We have been there before, but this was one of the best :)

Our new friends who perform contortion. 2 of the girls are now performing in Turkey.

The teacher Noros. The photo above her is of when she was young.

At the opera house.

Scenes of the city.

Our friend Bernard spent time with us. 

With Bernard and Bobby

Teaching at Torch Church

Wednesday evening home groups together.

With Batnyam and Sarah during a surprise snow.

On a recent walk

Uyangaa, Namje, Naraa, Kathy and I on our hike at Chingeltei.

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