Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Semester Draws to a Close...

The semester is coming to a close at LEI / MIU. The days are full with time with Kathy in our day to day routines and special outings; time with friends and contacts; time with teachers and students. The weather has turned cold again for a few days. A few weeks ago we had sudden snow flurries.. huge snowflakes that drew many of us out from offices and classes to enjoy it. Wonderful! The first photos are  of that fleeting hour we spent before the day finished up with all the snow melting. 

I have included photos of some fabric painting I have done on silk material. A month or so ago Inja, one of the head fashion design department teachers, told a few of us that they were preparing for a fashion show in May, and asked if we would do some artwork on silk, that she would then use in the creation of a few dresses. So I have done two. It was a bit difficult to paint, but I am more-or-less satisfied with what I did. The theme for the fashion show is "Mongolia" :) So these designs are what I chose to paint. They are based on photographs I took in the countryside here in Mongolia.

We so often have spectacular view of the skyline from our window. You can see two I recently took. Also there are pics of friends and students we often see. For me, there abides a contentment in my heart about how things are going, as Kathy and I continue here, sometimes wrestling through confusing or frustrating situations. We are always appreciative of all of you who contact us from near and far and communicate your love and care for us. And so, and Paul the Apostle says, "Our work is not vain in the Lord." See ya!

Mishka, a Russian student, and me...

Students and friends Enza and Otgo...

Students and me ... :)

Chimgee with our funny friend Tuvshuu :)

Dong Gun, Guk Hee, Saintsog, Won Ho and Jae Hak lined up at my desk.

Maagii, our super staff, at the LEI second story balcony

... flash flurries...

... the first fabric painting on silk

.. a practice piece...

... my second painting on silk...

Me hanging out of our kitchen window... :)

some students playing a game during their English class...

The view from my office window....

Our friend Seulgi, an exchange student from Korea :)

Won Ho, an LEI student from Korea :)

Me, Hong, Kathy, Muugii, Uka, Cici and Suugii at Papa Cafe

Erdene, an army colonel, who I walk with to our work places each morning

A family of student who invited the teachers and me over to their place for lunch one day :)

My little friend Hulan!!

Bishrelt and a friend at our home...

MC, Jack and Ganbat who visited our home :)

Russian students at LEI

Chinese students at LEI

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