Friday, July 13, 2012

A Summer Hike with Friends

Yesterday a bunch of us went for a hike up some beautiful mountains north of Ulaanbaatar. We also made some new friends. 

We took a bus from the center of the city and went up to a place called Chimeltei, and were dropped off at the final bus stop. The area is a mix of gers, small country homes and large, new summer homes. After a long walk up the dirt road, we passed the homes and entered into a beautiful area of natural countryside. After reaching the top of the ridge, we had a rest and a picnic. 

The whole day was wonderful for a hike. It is great to get out with friends, get away from the busy city life, have a simple common goal of reaching the top of the mountain :) Ah.... the only drawback was the flies who joined us!! Bring some insect repellant if you plan to hike in the mountains of Mongolia in the summer :)

In the photos you can see our group: Bombi, Joseph, Daniel, Namuunaa, Aagii, Abigail, Lisa, May, Noel, Kathy, me, Zolboo and Cici. What a group!


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