Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fashion Show in Ulaanbaatar

Our friend Tseko invited Kathy and I to a high school fashion show where she modeled some of the designs. Wow! What an array of colors and creativity and beauty and sometimes craziness. It was a real experience Kathy and I enjoyed. We met other friends and MIU staff there who had helped in the design of the dresses and the show.

Fashion is a very important thing for the Mongolians. In today's Mongolian world, businessmen wear suits. Women dress formally as well, and stylishly. In day to day life, you will observe the men dressed very casually and the women generally dress very stylishly, well dressed even to go shopping and run errands, and very formally and stylishly when they go to parties and special occasions.

Obviously they don't wear the dresses every day that you see in my photos. Their designs are often derived from their traditional clothing that has been worn for centuries. Many of the things you see in these designs are symbolic of things like power and social class. Some look crazy, some outlandish, many beautiful. All in all, the Mongolians display their own unique style boldly and professionally.

The designs in this show were done and modeled by high school students. Amazing talent! Take a look!

Kathy, Tseko and me

MIU staff who helped in the design, judging and organizing of the show

Kathy, Chaagii, Tseko, Rebecca and Natasha

The opening of the show and introduction of the judges

Most shows and performances begin with some traditional music

Our friend Tseko is on the left

Our friend Tseko is second from the left

Final awards for best models and designs

Our friend Amina

Chaagii and Tseko demonstrating alternative fashion.. :)

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